Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Reading 9- Powerpointlessness

This article reminded me of the slideshows we have at the end of most school assemblies. They started out, a number of years ago, as being simple and appealing. Now there are just too busy and distracting. I think this goes to show that sometimes less is more.
In terms of the article, I think the important question here is how can we train our students to use powerpoint effectively? I believe the key is to spend the time showing them how. As mentioned in the article, provide the students with examples of good powerpoint presentations as well as guidelines to follow with specific instructions (such as the example of the detailed rubric). Allocating time for the students to practice the delivery of the powerpoint presentation would be important,too. I must say I have enjoyed a number of good powerpoint presentations at Pro.D days. I think they can be engaging and an effective way of getting your message across.

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