Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Reading 10-BYOD Teachers Talk Classroom Use

I think this could be very successful in the classroom when effectively planned out. This would be appealing to students and definitely keep them engaged.  I like the fact all students are given the opportunity to participate and are not put on the spot by having to put up their hand to answer a question. It can be a great time-saving tool as well. Their needs,however, to be clear guidelines as to when the cellphone/piece of technology is to be used as I can see some students taking advantage of using their cellphones in class, if permitted. The kids need to be focused on the learning.  I do also wonder about those students who don't have a cellphone. It was suggested in one of the comments that they can share but realistically, which student feels comfortable sharing and swapping cellphones? Not sure how well this would work?

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